Social Justice and Millions of gods

This year, 2020, has been a year of tension. Right in the middle of a global pandemic, racial tensions flared and public and law enforcement tensions spread across the globe. Racial stress had been building and reached a climax when the world saw a black man murdered by a white officer. Yes, a police officer that we have always been told to trust. This led to civil unrest with the looting of businesses, cars and buildings burning and even an overthrow of part of a city.

Civil order is badly needed, yet many see the police, the ones that typically keep the peace, as the problem. Some cities have even called for the defunding of the police department while others warn that with no police the problem will only grow.

Simply put we have a real problem. Clearly we need to look at our past and change somethings. We need new ideas that work for all people. We need help.

However, it may surprise some that Jesus did not come to help us get along better and restore social justice on earth. Nor did he come to teach us how to live a better life. In fact a focus on a “better life now” maybe the problem that leads to such unrest. A “What is in this for me?” outlook in hopes to make your life better with no Godly moral code to guide us will pit us against each other and give us unrest.

For Jesus, the divide was not between the race or skin color of a person, because he will bring people into his Kingdom from every nation on earth. He also did not see a social status divide. The rich or poor, the beggar or powerful, the prostitute or religious leader could come to Jesus. I am certain that the capitalist system vs the liberal progressive system that divides this nation would not be a dividing issue for Jesus. Therefore, Jesus can be seen as a great social leader of whom the whole world could learn from. But this is not why Jesus came and social purity, as important as humans see it, was not His main concern.

The reason why he came to earth will fix the social uproar but this is only a by-product of his coming. The problems we have across the globe comes from one source. Mankind is in rebellion against the great King of the universe. Rather than submitting to the King as God, we, with a rebel heart like to play as if we are god. The world then has millions of god replacements running around, each with their own idea of what is good and what is bad and with each wanting to express their wisdom and power on others. And that is why we have a social uproar and injustice thrives.

Scripture says “…the Son of Man (Jesus) has come to seek and to save that which was lost.” (Luke 19:10)

Jesus didn’t come to fix social injustice, but to save (rescue) the lost that are in the rebellion against the King. The lost are those that follow another way. They are those that demand input as to what is right and wrong. The lost are those that look for a better way than God’s way rather than repenting or turning back toward God.

Now there is one dividing line that Jesus adheres to. I’m talking about the divide between the proud and the repenting hearts. Those with proud hearts will not be rescued from injustice but rather allowed to die as they look for ways to fix life without God.

Being at war with God is the root of all social problems. It is this war where we need the most change in our society. The only answer is to submit to Jesus as Lord and have everlasting peace.


The Gospel PostScript