Blessings In Disguise

Throughout my Christian experience, I’ve been mystified by several of the parables, those simple stories in the Bible told by Jesus to illustrate a spiritual truth. Even though Jesus explained the parables, the wisdom, discernment, and principles in them made me realize that I needed a radical mindset shift. Take for instance the prodigal son […]

Running Scared

Written by Gail Black Kopf In the midst of a crisis or life-altering decision, being responsible for the outcome of our choices gives us the heebie-jeebies. Whether it’s a relationship that’s gone south, a medical emergency, a job change, disappearing finances, or a natural disaster, we’re tempted to procrastinate. We know what needs to be […]

The Biggest Threat Faced by the Church

What is the biggest threat faced by the church today? Many in the U.S. seem to think the answer is government tyranny. Tyranny is always a danger, but tyranny is not the biggest threat faced by the church in the U.S. or any other nation. Historically, there have been many times when the church has […]

Coffee In The …What?

Written by Gail Kopf When I grew up, where we met to worship in church was called the sanctuary. Our voices were low and hushed as we entered and quietly made our way to our favorite pew. We were never allowed to bring drinks or food into that area or scribble or write in the hymnals. I remember […]

What Do You Want?

Seems lately, we’re all telling the Lord what we want. A solution to the pandemic, election results we can live with, and an end to this feeling of uneasiness and anger that bubbles up inside us when we least expect it. We’re weary of a jabberwocky media that confuses more than it enlightens. A super spreader used […]

Stop Converting to The Political Religion

It has been a few weeks since the election day and the media has declared that Joe Biden is the President-elect. Ever since then, it has been a ruthless battle between him and President Trump over a few key states. As someone who studies politics, I applaud both campaigns for their determination and enthusiasm during […]

Don’t Be A Super Christian!

I recently said something in a bible study that I feel I should clarify. There were two parts to the statement. This was the first part:  PART 1  “Being a faithful Christian, being a God-honoring Christian is not striving to win the most people to Christ. Nor is it striving to belong to the largest […]

Thanksgiving – The Will of the Father

While listening to a self-proclaimed atheist pontificating about his abhorrence to celebrating Christmas, I threw the man a question that became a curve ball that he could not begin to hit.  I asked him: “Do you celebrate Thanksgiving?”, to which he replied: “YES WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT […]

Pride and Punishment

Written by Gail Kopf No one would ever depict King Nebuchadnezzar II, one of the most famous kings of ancient Babylon, as a kindhearted or compassionate person. When King Zedekiah of Jerusalem rose up against him, Nebuchadnezzar killed Zedekiah’s sons in front of him, then blinded the rebellious king, bound him in chains, and gave […]

The Christ Connection in Psalms

As I study The Psalms this year a question posed by a few writers seemed simple at first but later led to a new understanding of the book. In my own words that question is:  Why is Psalm 1 and 2, Psalm 1 and 2? Is there a reason for their placement? If so, what is that […]