Our mission and our method demonstrate who we are and flow from what we believe.

Our Mission

Twin City Bible Church exists to bring glory to God by building the body of Christ, by loving God, connecting with other believers, and reaching the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The best place to start? Join us on a Sunday

Here's a step-by-step overview of our Sunday service

We are at 100 1st Ave. Nitro WV. Join us for our Sunday morning worship service at 10:30 am.; or even better come for the training hour at 9:30 and stay for worship! Our “lot” has been called the “sea of asphalt” so parking should be quick and easy.  Park close. There are special spaces for families with infants as well as readily accessible spots for physically disabled.  For security purposes we have limited access to the front main entrance.

You will be met at the door by our friendly greeters.  They can show you what you need to know: Class locations, nursery, children’s ministries, etc… On your first visit, you will be given a special “care bag” with a thoughtful gift to remember us. You need not dress in a particular manner for us. Some will be in Jeans, some in dresses, a few may even be in ties. Wear what best allows you to worship Christ.

If you have nursery age children (0-2 yrs.), one of our greeters will direct you to our newly renovated nursery. All other children will begin the service in the main auditorium. During the song service, the other children will be dismissed to Jr. Church. On Wednesday evening, we would love for them to join us for “TC Klub” in the educational wing. For protection purposes, we ask that the individual “picking-up” the child at the end of the service, be the same person who “dropped them off” at the beginning.

Our service will open with a greeting and brief announcements. We will transition into a call to worship with Scripture reading and a time of congregational singing of 3-4 hymns. One of our pastors will preach a verse-by-verse expository message from the Bible we are working through that will last around 30-40 minutes. We generally end our service with a hymn and a benediction (Passage of Blessing). We may also have a baptism.

There are no steps into our building and there are none leaving as well.  Currently all activities occur on the ground level.  In the rare event that someone may need to go down stairs, help will be provided if needed.

Our Method

As we follow Christ as a church, we focus on four core activities
seen in the early church. Acts 2:41-47.

  • Reaching

    We endeavor to evangelize the lost by calling them out of darkness into the light of Christ. Evangelism is a God-given responsibility of the church. This is accomplished by building personal gospel relationships outside the church and by organized, consistent evangelistic efforts as a church.

  • Involving

    We strive together to embrace and be embraced by the local church family. This includes the spiritual accountability of church members to each other, developing loving friendships, and ministering to one another.

  • Maturing

    We believe the church is a pillar and ground of the truth to aid in building each other up into the likeness of Christ. As a church, we are not only seeking converts for Jesus Christ, but also to disciple those converts into the whole counsel of God through ministry of the Word and the work of the Holy Spirit.

  • Worshiping

    We worship and exalt the Lord through the God-focused and gospel-centered practices such such as preaching, teaching, prayer, singing, testimony, giving, and the ordinances of Baptism and the Lord’s Table. We strive to lift up the Lord through both our attitudes and actions.